Charles and Cynthia; Wedding Bells

Charles and Cynthia; Wedding Bells

Lol! Cynthia and I met at a wedding. She was on the bridal train and I was one of the groomsmen.

It’s funny how I almost didn’t attend this wedding but clearly everything happens for a reason. Cynthia caught my attention when we were all taking pictures with the happy couple. I loved the way her forehead was shining with the ponytail hairstyle…….she’s such a stunner and as usual we were to pair up with the ladies from the bridal train and I quickly walked towards her and asked if she didn’t mind being partners for today and she smiled and said ‘okay’. Fast Forward to the reception, we were dance partners and we both killed it on the dance floor; side note I won but don’t tell her I said so. With the sitting arrangements we were able to sit side by side at the reception (shout out to Amaka the bride for doing this) and we just had fun. I know the wedding party was lit but honestly I can’t remember much because I was in my own world with Cynthia. You know all the movies where you’re part of a larger crowd but you’re just lost in your own zone…. that was the vibe

At the wedding, we exchanged numbers and went on a couple of dates and by date 2 I was ready to put a ring on it . Cynthia is very funny and warm. She has the positive energy that she just spreads around and her personality as a whole will honestly make you fall in love. I was going through some personal struggles at some point and she really helped me through it and she acted as the friend that I needed. I joke around with her all the time that she needs to be a motivational speaker.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 7 years now and I’ve never been happier or more at peace. Shout out to Amaka and Tunji for finding love and helping us find ours, we love you guys. I look forward to listening to Cynthia’s dry jokes for as long as humanly possible.

Feyisayo Fadile

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