Journey to love

If only wishes can come true,

I have one or two or maybe a few,

And they’re all about you

We took a twisted road,

Started a rebellious journey,

To get to a place called love

They say true love doesn’t quit

They say it never dies

But ask me and I’ll tell you differently

I’ll tell you of its challenging code

Towards life’s journey

I’ll tell you of its pain, hurt, anger,

Of it’s constant depression

I’ll tell you of its feeling of worthlessness,

Its self doubt 

I’ll tell you of its faith

Its fights, its loss

I’ll tell you of its longing 

For a language no one understands

And hopefully someday

I’d tell you of its beauty

So yeah, maybe they’re right

Maybe it never dies

Because like the ocean

It’s vast and endless.

Bukunmi Tiwatayo

Pen Name: Annabelle

Instagram: _annabellewrites

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